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About Fremont
Fremont was incorporated as Poplin in 1764.  The Town name was changed to Fremont on July 8, 1854.  The first settlement was circa 1730.  It was a mill town, and is currently a bedroom community.  Most of our residents commute to work outside Fremont.  

The origin of the Town's name is in honor of John Charles Fremont, a prominent American West Pathfinder and first Republican Presidential candidate in 1856.

Fremont is located in southern Rockingham County, in southeastern New Hampshire.  We currently have over 3,400 registered voters.

Fremont is located 17 miles from the Atlantic Ocean; 10 miles from the New Hampshire- Massachusetts border; 24 miles from Concord, New Hampshire; and 16 miles from Manchester New Hampshire.


Town officials for the fiscal year 2019

Neal R Janvrin                Term Expires 2021
Roger A Barham        Term Expires 2022
Gene Cordes                    Term Expires 2020

Fremont has a three member Board of Selectmen.  Members are elected to alternating three-year terms.   

The Selectmen are the Chief Municipal Administrators for the Town.  They are elected by the Legislative Body, on an annual, rotating basis.  The Town of Fremont uses the SB2 form of Town Meeting, holding election of all officers and voting on all Town balloting matters on the second Tuesday of March annually.

This is preceded by a Deliberative Session generally at the end of January or early February where discussion and any amendments to the articles takes place.  From that meeting, the final form of each article is placed on the Official Ballot for consideration by voters on the second Tuesday in March.  

The Selectmen are charged with management of all of the prudential affairs of the Town and are governed by NH Statutes in carrying out these duties.


In accordance with NH Statute, there are several other Town Officials who are elected on an annual or multi-year basis.  This currently includes the following positions and term lengths:

Library Trustee
Trustee of Trust Fund
Road Agent
Town Clerk / Tax Collector
3 years
3 years
3 years
3 years             

3 years
3 member board
3 member board

 Supervisor of the Checklist       6 years     3 member board
 Cemetery Trustee                     3 years        3 member board
 Budget Committee                     3 years  8 member board including ex-officio members of the
                        School Board and Board of Selectmen

By Statute, the Town Clerk Tax Collector and Treasurer each have a Deputy.  The Selectmen at the recommendation of the Town Official, approve these deputies.  

In 2013, voters voted to combine the positions of Town Clerk and Tax Collector.  Effective the March 2014 elections, the Town elected a Town Clerk/Tax Collector for a three year term.


The Town employs other individuals to carry out the general daily business of the Town.  The Board of Selectmen appoint these individuals.  These positions include:  the Town Administrator, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Health Officer, Deputy Health Officer, Emergency Management Director and Deputy Emergency Management Director.


All Town Employees are hired by the Board of Selectmen.  This includes a variety of other clerical and administrative staff, Parks & Recreation seasonal employees, cemetery caretakers, police officers, maintenance workers, and highway workers.  The Library staff are hired by the Library Trustees in concert with the Board of Selectmen.  The Trustees have agreed to follow the Town's Personnel Policies and Practices and work within the Town's payroll and accounting systems.  

All of the Town's Fire and EMS emergency service personnel are considered Town employees, participating in a Points Compensation Plan and a Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP) on an annual basis.  Fremont has a combined Fire Rescue Department as of March 2007 that includes all firefighters and EMS personnel.  


The largest group of other Town staffing is filled by a large range and variety of volunteers who are members of the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Conservation Commission, Open Space Advisory Committee, Cable Committee and Parks & Recreation Commission.  Other boards and committees are organized as may be deemed advisable by the Legislative Body or the Board of Selectmen.  


The Board of Selectmen is responsible for establishing an accounting and internal control structure designed to ensure that the physical, informational, intellectual data and human resource assets of the Town are protected from loss, theft and misuse, and to ensure that adequate accounting information is maintained and reported in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).  Additionally, management strives to ensure that these assets are put to good and effective use.  The internal control structure is designed to provide reasonable, but not absolute, assurances that these objectives are attained.  The concept of reasonable assurance recognizes that: (1) the cost of any control should not exceed the benefit likely to be derived; and (2) the valuation of cost and benefits requires judgments by management.

Fremont is 17.2 square miles in area and has 11,004 acres of land.  

Principal Rivers, Lakes & Ponds include the Exeter River, Piscassic River, Loon Pond, and Spruce Swamp.  

The largest bodies of water in Town are Loon Pond in Shirking Woods (in the very northwest part of town), and Cavil Mill Pond on Scribner Road.  Fremont contains one of the largest aquifers in the State of NH.

Highest Elevation: Whittier Hill - 321 feet high above sea level

Population Figures
1767 - 521 1790 - 493
1800 - 408 1820 - 453
1840 - 429 1860 - 579
1880 - 624 1900 - 749
1910 - 622 1920 - 519
1930 - 571 1940 - 634
1950 - 698 1960 - 783
1970 - 993 1980 - 1333
1990 - 2576 1994 - 2786

2000 - Census 3510
2010 - Census 4283


Town of Fremont, NH, 295 Main Street, Fremont NH 03044 (603) 895-2226
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