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Trash & Recycling Newsletter

        Twice per year the Town of Fremont sponsors a Bulky Drop-Off Day, one in the spring and once in the fall.  For these two collections, you can dispose of bulky items or other items not generally accepted for curbside pickup.  The Town does a mailing to every household in Fremont for each bulky collection day.
        Roll-off dumpsters are obtained for the day at the Town’s Highway site at 113 Danville Road.  We accept bulky items, furniture or appliances, steel items, and for a fee, electronics, tires, propane tanks and Freon-containing items (spring only).  NO REGULAR TRASH is accepted on Bulky Day.
        We always need volunteers, and anyone wishing to participate should call the Selectmen’s Office at 895 2226 x 303 or send an email to Jeanne at or Heidi at


       Waste Management is currently contracted for MSW and recycle pickup in Fremont.  They generally pick up trash on Thursday and Friday, excluding holiday weeks.  There is a master listing of streets and days of pickup at the Selectmen’s Office and on the website.  Feel free to call to get this information.   The list is also available on the website.

       The toter collection system has helped to increase recycling and SAVE TAX DOLLARS.  One toter is distributed per household and all of your trash must be in that toter to be collected.  

       All trash must be bagged before putting it in your toter.  This helps to eliminate trash from blowing and separating.  

       Trash and recycling should be at the curb by 6:30 am on your collection day.

       NO YARD WASTE is allowed for pickup.  This includes grass clippings, leaves, and brush.  Look for other acceptable ways to compost this material.  Start a compost pile in your yard and create good soil material from scraps!

       NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS are allowed for pickup.

       Trash will not be retrieved from sheds beside the road.

       No construction debris of any kind is accepted for pickup.  Consider making arrangements for a dumpster or the Best Way facility in Raymond for your disposal needs.  The Bestway Facility  information sheet is posted on the Town’s website, or you can reach them at 895 6273 for the most up to date information.


    The Town is making great strides toward increasing recycling efforts, to be closer to the State standard of 40% recycling.  Less tonnage saves us money in tipping fees at the landfill, and is better for the environment.  We have seen great increases in recycling since conversion to the toter program.  Thank you for your help!  
Historical tonnage totals:
        YEAR            MSW TONS                RECYCLE TONS
        2018                    1469.11                 393.23
        2017                    1396.97                 394.38
        2016                    1386.17                 411.00
        2015                    1368.05                 378.90
        2014                    1365.04                 363.69
        2013                    1329.98                 310.21  
        2012                    1331.44                 348.86
        2011                    1316.15                 342.88
        2010                    1319.31                 334.82
        2009                    1300.08                 326.00
        2008                    1462.08                 309.62
        2007                    1884.00                 261.10

       Our tonnage is calculated every two weeks and billed.  The more we recycle, the less we pay in tonnage tipping fees.  

        Effective July 1, 2018, Solid Waste is disposed of at the landfill at a cost of $64.80 per ton.  Recycled materials are recycled at a much lower cost (sometimes no cost) per ton.  Bulky waste costs $77.00 per ton in tipping fees.


       Roll the toter out to the curb by 6:30 am on collection day.  
       The wheels should be facing the house (away from the street).
       Bag all trash within the toter.
       Place the toter no more than three (3) feet away from the curb and at least five (5) feet away from other containers, such as a fence or your recycling bins.
       No waste material left outside the toter will be collected.
       The truck’s lifting arm needs five (5) feet on either side of the toter to wrap around the container.  Do not place toters behind parked cars or other obstructions.  The automated truck-lifting arm is not able to reach behind trees or other objects.
       Place the toter away from low phone or electrical wires, low hanging tree branches or other overhead obstructions.  A twelve (12) foot vertical clearance is necessary for the truck’s lifting arm to elevate the toter.
       All refuse must fit in the toter so that the lid is closed.  No material may be sticking out of the toter.
       Be sure the arrows on the lid are pointing towards the street and the hinges face away from the street.  This allows the lid to open fully when the toter is tipped over above the truck bay.  If the hinge faces the wrong way, the lid or hinges may be damaged.


       If you have overflow recycling (that won’t fit in your bin) put it in another open container (box, laundry basket, a Rubbermaid container, etc).  You can also pick up a second recycle bin at the Town Hall during regular business hours.
        If you prefer, you can use a covered barrell or other container, but it must be clearly labeled as RECYCLING.

       Put all of your recycling receptacles out on collection day, at least five feet from your toter.  

        Do not bag anything within your recycling bin.  Follow the new guidelines closely.  

       Recycling bins are available at the Town Hall during regular business hours at the Selectmen's Office.    

     On holiday weeks, regular pickup can vary, but it is usually one day delayed.  Watch the website and the newsletter for more information.  You can call the Selectmen’s Office at 895 2226 x 303 (Jeanne) or x 302 (Kathy) or Waste Management at 800 847 5303 for more information as well.  This means that Thursday pickup is Friday and Friday pickup is Saturday.   When holidays fall on weekends or collections are disrupted by weather, the schedule may vary.  Watch as the holiday week approaches.

    If trash/recycling pickup is delayed for inclement weather, it will be picked up the next day.  We post this on our website and at the Town Hall as soon as we are notified by Waste Management.  It is usually on the Trash & Recycling Page, or the red banner on the home page.  

You can also call:

WM Customer Service at 800 847 5303 or the Fremont Selectmen’s Office at 895 2226 x 303 (Jeanne) or x 302 (Kathy)


Town of Fremont, NH, 295 Main Street, Fremont NH 03044 (603) 895-2226
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